Solving the root cause of the
staffing crunch



Support Staff considered quitting,
due to stress levels

The key to improving healthcare’s administrative workflows

Introducing smart call center automation into the workflow can drastically reduce expenses, increase efficiency and speed, and reduce the chance of human error.

Increase calls
answered and
resolution rates
Shorter wait times and lower
abandonment rates

Automation of routine tasks allows more effective use of your existing staff

Omaiven frees agents to handle complex inquiries & allows for consistent customer experiences.

Leverage automation to offload call center volume and streamline scheduling

Rapid implementation
- go live in weeks!

Easily integrates with
EHRs & databases

Turnkey intelligence, with
room for customization

Resolves patient needs in
real time

Let us show you

Let us walk you through all the ways we can
support and amplify your team.

Omaiven is the smart automation solution built specifically to overcome the unique challenges of America’s healthcare safety net and beyond.


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