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Unlocking Time. Amplifying Humanity.

We envision healthcare without the busyness: unlocking time by automating administrative tasks, to reduce costs and increase access to care.

Our Mission

Our mission is save 1 Billion Minutes of busy work across healthcare,  ultimately lowering the barriers that prevent people from reaching care they need.

We envision a world where differences in staffing and socio-economic factors no longer prevent access to personalized care.
  • We seek to understand how automation & digital workforces will empower teams and, together making healthcare more accessible to all.
  • We create technology solutions that drive both purpose and profit: reducing burnout, cutting costs, and improving patient relationships.
  • We choose to build alongside people (internal teams, customers, patients, & partners) that share our worldview - healthcare should work for all of us.

Awards & Recognitions

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Meet Our Founders

Our team brings the most powerful combination possible for this work. We bring deep experience across healthcare, technology, and operations, and have applied everything we’ve learned to our solutions.
Jerold McDonald
CEO & Co-Founder
Jerold is a healthcare veteran with extensive leadership experience across process improvement, change management, and enterprise technical implementation. Before founding Omaiven, he directed onboarding teams at athenahealth, consulted at Huron Consulting with many of America’s Best Hospitals, and led operations for service lines and clinics at Houston Methodist.

He’s passionate about community service and building a more equitable world. Jerold currently serves on the Board of Vivent Health.

Fun Fact: Jerold’s sneakers are a window to his soul.
Ani Bagepalli
CTO & Co-Founder
Ani’s engineering background spans decades, having built complex technical projects for IBM Watson, Motorola, and Rubicon Labs. His expertise includes AI, ML, NLP, IOT.

A tinker and artist at his core, he loves painting and restoring old computers so the people who need them most have functional machines.

Fun fact: Ani loves the adventure of finding the best tacos in every city he visits.

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Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for individuals to join us.
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Omaiven is the automation & intelligence solution built specifically to overcome the unique challenges of healthcare, from the safety net and beyond.
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