Superhuman engagement
in a multicultural world

Artificial Intelligence

Our technology, using artificial intelligence, becomes your personal assistant in your health

Let our conversational AI help by asking questions: researching plain language definitions, connecting the right provider, and setting appointments

Simple Healthcare

Our algorithms highlight the right specialty and providers within our network for your specific condition

Seamless Integration

We’re system agnostic – our technologies work with all Electronic Health Records (EHRs), cutting down the need for slow and costly interfaces

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About Omaiven Health

Noun | O·ma·ven | ˈō-mā-vən

What does the name mean?

Our name means a great deal to us, and we love to share why it serves as the cornerstone of our company. Omaiven is a variation on the word Maven that means, “one who understands.”

At Omaiven Health, we center care around you - serving as the “One who understands healthcare,” openly sharing our knowledge and making the process to access care easier.

Why Omaiven matters?

When you have a health need, we believe you should only need to focus on your care…everything else is the palm of your hands.

We envision a world where differences in geographic, socio-economic, and education levels, no longer prevent access to personalized care, health understanding, and connections to the right providers.

Our Leadership Team

Jerold McDonald - CEO and Co-Founder

Healthcare innovator with a proven record in leadership, change management, process improvement, and enterprise technical implementation.

Fun Fact/Super Power: My sneakers are a window to my soul.

Ani Bagepalli - Head of Engineering and Co-Founder

Technology hacker with proven experience building complex technical projects (AI, ML, NLP, IOT, and drones).

Fun Fact/Super Power: Fueled by tacos per line of code.