Superhuman teams.
Humanizing care.

Omaiven Health’s AI solutions supercharge your healthcare teams,
so your patients can get the most personalized attention when
and where they need it most.

Meet Mia,

Your Automated Team Member

Mia frees your care team from hours of toggling between systems, running reports, and routine patient engagement tasks, like appointment confirmation calls.

Most tools just create tasks and to-do’s in a system, but she completes them from start to finish -- without staff lifting a finger. Mia can cover up to 80% of your team’s coordination and communication tasks.

The Smartest Engagement
Solution on the Market

Mia is a full-stack solution, with multiple tools in one: a proactive and upscaled team, data analytics, patient engagement, a chat service, and more.

Get the most comprehensive support powered by the most reliable technology.

Mia can handle 80% of your team’s regular tasks:
  • Automatic task creation, execution, and resolution
  • Easily integrates with all EHRs and databases
  • No app required and easy implementation
  • Pre-programmed intelligence from day one, with room for client customization
  • Ongoing person-level insights and network learning
  • Proactive outreach for wellness services and health screenings
  • Adaptive patient interactions
  • Comprehensive customer support from Omaiven for your staff

Maximize revenue and customer satisfaction

Reduce admissions and no-shows by 40%

Save 2+ hours of your staff’s time every day

The Omaiven Advantage: Deeper Understanding, Lasting Outcomes

Omaiven’s true advantage lies beneath the surface. Most tools focus and measure themselves on the basics: volume of messages and common use cases, often creating more staff work in the process.

Mia gets smarter and goes deeper with every engagement. By understanding the entire person, Mia improves conversions, adds revenue, reduces costs, supports quality (MIPS, HEDIS, STAR, PCMH, and more), grows patient access and satisfaction.

Break down the barriers to care your patients face

Mia helps address challenges across language, disability, timing, bias, and other social drivers of health

Form a deep connection that drives continuous conversion

Mia learns from context, culture and data to serve patients in the most personal ways, automatically adjusting everything from tone to timing of messaging

Unlock insights that allow you to predict what’s coming

Network and outlier learning means better prediction, optimized conversion, and equity

Preparing for Return to Care

In these unprecedented times of COVID, it’s more important than ever that your staff can reach and provide timely care to meet the needs of your patients.

Let Mia check in on disengaged patients, answering their questions, rescheduling the care they’ve put off, and ensure they’re staying well.

Let Us Show You

Ready to supercharge your engagement and humanize your care?

We’d love to give you a demo of Mia and walk you through all the ways we can support and amplify your team.