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Omaiven helps clinics maximize staffing, reduce burnout, and build lasting trust with your patients.

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That's the joy of working with Omaiven, we've taken the heavy lift away from your internal teams so you can enjoy the value of automation within weeks -- rather than 6+ month integrations with traditional solutions. We can connect via APIs, and have flexibility to work with less advanced products with as little as a username & password. Bring your own apps... EHR, IVR / Calltree, and more!
Omaiven makes it easy for you to remove busy work, complete manual tasks, and move data between your apps without being a developer. Our use cases are built to drive value from day one, and have room for customization based upon your unique needs.
If you're tired of buying one-off solutions that struggle with integrations, Omaiven is the right partner for you. Leveraging automation allows you to simplify your tech stack, reduce "swivel chair" products, and ensure your solutions work together for the greater good.
Omaiven makes the onboarding process easy for IT teams too! With our turnkey solutions, you won't need teams of coders or automation engineers. Our technology integrates in weeks, and requires minimal IT time.

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Omaiven is the automation & intelligence solution built specifically to overcome the unique challenges of healthcare, from the safety net and beyond.
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