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Tired of Endless Tasks?

Hire Omaiven.

Learn how your front office can leverage automation & intelligence to optimize operational efficiency and boost patient experience.

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By minimizing reliance on manual completion of tasks:

* Productivity increases, without adding headcount
* Teams work at top-of-license
* Errors decrease
* Expense per task is lowered

Empowering staff to focus on delivery of exceptional care to your patients.

Here’s How We Help

Start with Omaiven's core automations to reduce tasks, fill staffing gaps, & optimize your EHR 
Offload Calls
Expand your contact center to an error-free 24/7 operation -- Allow patients with routine requests to "skip the wait" and fully resolve their needs. All without staff lifting a finger.
Smart Scheduling
Keep your schedules full with new appointments and backfills, without requiring patients to download apps or use portals.  Intelligence powers provider-based rules.
Automate phone, text, and email patient touchpoints with flexibility - staff texting, confirmations, campaigns, and AI-powered conversations.
Digital Forms
Streamline registrations, screenings, & more throughout patient journey, with forms that sync with your EHR.
Data Entry
Goodbye, duplicative data entry! Allow automations to easily integrate & keep data updated across systems, in real-time. Great for bulk tasks.
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Increased Staff
Work Hours Saved,
for every 1,000 patients
Patient Access

Partner in our journey to:
Save 1 billion minutes of healthcare busy work 

Optimized Operational Efficiency

Accomplish improved levels of productivity, without adding additional headcount. Automation of enhanced processes allows organizations to remove waste and reinvest "hidden" time, effort, and revenue back into strategic priorities.
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Seamless Patient Experience Anytime, Anywhere

Say goodbye to restricted working hours – 24/7 access. Patients can now book appointments, fill out digital forms, and get answers to their queries seamlessly via phone calls, website, and text.
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Scalable Workforce,
Sustainable Savings

Experience immediate productivity boosts within weeks of implementation and enjoy long-term benefits as operational efficiency improves.
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Omaiven is the automation & intelligence solution built specifically to overcome the unique challenges of healthcare, from the safety net and beyond.
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